Adelaide Tap Repair Specialists

Francis Plumbing Co is your local Adelaide tap repair specialist. 


Silence those dripping and leaking taps, save water and save money with a fast and effective repair from our expert team.

Common tap problems

  • Dripping taps

  • Leaking water around the handle/spindle

  • Your taps won’t open all the way

  • The taps squeak and make noise when they’re operated

  • You might hear a ‘clanging’ when you operate your taps. This is often referred to as ‘water hammer’ and it will eventually drive you crazy

Understand your taps

Like most things that we use daily, taps come in many different varieties. All of which can experience their own unique problems if they’re not maintained and looked after. 

The four main types of taps that we see today in homes and offices around Adelaide are:

Jumper washer taps

These taps have a washer inside that over time wear out, causing the tap to drip. Washers can be replaced, along with the o-rings, and the spindles can be lubricated to make them open all the way up and work like new.

Mixer taps

Mixer taps are like the taps you’ll often see in kitchens. They have a single lever on them that control both the hot and cold water flow. Instead of washers, these taps are slightly more complex, made up with ceramic components. 

These taps can sometimes be repaired; however, with so many different brands available, it’s often cheaper to replace them.

Half turn & quarter turn taps

As their names suggest, these taps control water flow when rotated either 90, or 180 degrees. They have a series of seals that over time wear out, resulting in dripping or leaking. Again, these taps can be repaired, or replaced, depending on make and model.

Sensor taps

Sensor taps operate through motion sensors that control the water flow. You'll commonly see these in restaurants and bars, however they're becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices for their hygienic qualities.

These taps also have an electrical component to them which can add an additional layer of complexity to installation, servicing and repair, but overall they are a fantastic solution. 

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