Adelaide Hot Water Specialists

Francis Plumbing Co is your Adelaide hot water installation and repair specialist.

There's nothing worse than an inefficient hot water system in your home! As your local Adelaide hot water specialists we are able to install, upgrade and repair your home hot water system. 

Common hot water system problems

If you aren't happy with your hot water system, you might have issues with:

  • Hot water running out too soon

  • Extravagant hot water bills

  • Dirty water colour

  • Poor water pressure.

Luckily, all of these issues are fixable. Francis Plumbing Co service and install:

  • Hot water storage heaters

  • Instantaneous hot water heaters

  • Solar hot water heaters

  • Heat pumps

  • Hydronic heating

  • Combination systems designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs (i.e. solar hot water with gas backup). 

Francis Plumbing Co is your local hot water plumber


Hot water heaters are rarely a small investment, but getting the right system, correctly installed, can potentially save you thousands. 

Our team will help you choose the right system for your needs and professionally install it, working to understand questions like: 

  • How many people live in your home?

  • How many bathrooms do you have?

  • Is your home positioned well for solar panels?

  • Do you have good water pressure?

  • Is your property fit for a combination system?

  • Will your hot water unit live indoors, or outdoors?


Over time, we're also perfectly placed to ensure your system is serviced and keeps running hot.​ At Francis Plumbing Co, we’re all about making sure you have the right hot water solution for your property. We want to make sure that you are not only choosing the right system, but you’re also looked after once you have it. 

Schedule a call with your local Adelaide hot water specialist from Francis Plumbing Co today.