Adelaide Gas Plumbing Experts

Francis Plumbing Co is your Adelaide gas plumbing  specialist.

Don’t compromise with your gas plumbing. Carry out correct, certified installation of gas plubming with Francis Plumbing Co's fully licensed, insured and certified gas technicians.


We conduct regular training to keep our team current with any relevant modifications to the codes, installation practices, product development or anything important that needs to be addressed.

Connect Gas to your property


Most of Australia’s gas supply comes from Moomba in South Australia - it's right on Adelaide's doorstep. Francis Plumbing Co works on gas installation across residential, commercial and industrial environment and deliver fantastic results for your kitchen, hot water, and property heating.

Francis Plumbing Co can install: 

  • Gas Kitchens

  • Gas Heating

  • Instant Hot Water / Gas Hot Water

  • Gas Storage Heaters (tanks)

  • Gas Pool Heating

  • Mains-connected BBQs

Is gas or electric better?

Gas is a fossil fuel, but it is a reliable and cleaner alternative to conventional electricity. With benefits including:

  • It's over 35% cheaper than electricity to use

  • South Australian gas hot water emits 62% less Carbon Dioxide than an electric one.

  • It's convenient. Gas operates separate to the electricity supply - Australia's gas supply experiences an outage, on average, once every 40 years!

Gas In The Kitchen

Why do commercial kitchens and restaurants rely on gas? Simple - gas delivers a reliable, consistent heat.

Gas BBQ’s

Did you know that you can run your BBQ from mains gas instead of bottled gas? You know what that means? No more running down to the service station to swap bottles, no more running out of gas half way through cooking your steak. 

Gas Heating

Gas is one of the most efficient ways to heat a room. There are many form of gas heating from, underfloor heating, radiator heating, space heating, furnace-style heating and more. Francis Plumbing Co can work with you to assess your needs and get the right system for you.

Gas Hot Water

From your standard gas storage heater, right through to gas/solar installations, you can’t go wrong with gas hot water. 

Francis Plumbing Co can install and service:

  • Instantaneous, or ‘on-demand’ gas heaters

  • Gas storage heaters (tanks)

  • Gas/Solar

  • Gas/Electric 

  • Gas/Heat Pump 

  • Gas/Hydronic Heating.

Gas Pool Heating

Do you have a pool? For most of us that like to swim, the only thing that prevents us from diving into the pool in winter is the water temperature. With gas pool heating you can take the plunge whenever you like.

Gas is such a powerful heat source, you can choose to keep the pool at a constant temperature, or you can turn it on as required.

If you want to make the most of your pool around year-round, a gas pool heating solution will make it possible. 


Francis Plumbing Co are your local Adelaide gas plumbing professionals. Give is a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements.