Blocked Drains

Francis Plumbing Co is your Adelaide drain repair specialist.

At some stage you’re likely to need a blocked drain specialist - whether because of debris running down the waste clogging, or from tree roots seeking out a water source, eventually blockages will bound to happen.

What causes a blocked drain?

Among the most common causes of blocked drains are: 

  1. Hair and soap: Unsurprisingly, the byproducts of washing are the biggest culprits.

  2. Food waste: Every time food and organic matter flows through your waste disposal, it will eventually clog your drain. It's always better to remove food waste for composting, rather than letting it go down the drain.

  3. Mineral build-up: Soap can combine with grease and oil to solidify into soap scum, while harder water like that in Adelaide contains minerals that can build up.

  4. Toilet paper: Used too much toilet paper? You might be able to use a plunger, but too much will need professional help.

  5. Tree Roots: Adelaide trees love Adelaide drains and pipes. Why? Because it's full of water containing organic matter that acts as a ready-made fertiliser. Good for the trees, bad for the homeowner. 

Signs of blocked drains

These are the most common signals that you have a partial or fully blocked drain:

  • The floor drains in your bathroom, or laundry are bubbling over.

  • Your toilets, baths & showers are draining slowly.

  • There are bad smells coming from your drains. Inside, or out.

  • Your drains might be gurgling and making strange noises.

  • Your external overflow gully might be overflowing of have signs of toilet paper around the top.

What problems do blocked drains cause?


Obviously, blocked drains are extremely unsanitary, but there are lots of other ramifications that can arise as a result of blocked drains which we’ve listed below. This is certainly not relevant to only Adelaide blocked drains either. You’ll see the same effects anywhere you go.

  • Blocked drains cause an unsanitary environment

  • They can cause serious structural damage. We’ve seen it!

  • Flooding is obviously a major concern

  • Water damage to carpets and floorboards can be very costly

  • Damage to furniture and appliances is common

  • Irreparable drain damage. Collapsed drains, etc.


Thankfully, all of these ‘potential’ problems are totally avoidable if a professional like one of your local blocked drain specialists from Francis Plumbing Co get onto it. 

How do you unblock a drain?

Investigation, detection, diagnosis and repair are the four stages of evaluation Francis Plumbing Co undertake to restore your drain.


Over the years, blocked drain technology has come a very long way and Francis Plumbing Co uses cutting-edge technology and techniques to solve your problems, including: 


Drain Cameras


At Francis Plumbing Co, we use industry leading ‘CCTV Drain Cameras’ to enable our technicians to investigate inside the drain and diagnose the cause of the problem. 

The cameras allow us to manoeuvre and navigate around bends through a single access point.

Video technology also enables us to record the footage, which is useful for insurance reporting and of course providing ‘before and after’ proof of the work that has been carried out.

Drain & Pipe Locators


Many variables influence the type of repair needed for your drain. 

Pinpointing drains location could mean the difference between excavating and replacing a section of drain, re-lining a section of drain, or continuing to periodically maintain them.

Francis Plumbing Co's locating technology enables us to pinpoint exactly where your drain lies, by tracing an electrical current through the drain to a receiver at ground level. This amazing piece of equipment tells us where the drain lies and even the depth.

Locating technology ensures that we’re always spot on when it comes to excavation or other remedial type work that might be considered invasive.

High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment


We don't use the old ‘electric eels’ to clear blocked drains - we use cutting-edge water jetters with their series of high-pressure water streams to remove blockages such as tree roots, right back to their entry point in the drain. At the same time, the water cleans the drain entirely.

Once the drain is cleared and cleaned, we can use our drain cameras to assess damage and make any further recommendations.

Periodical Maintenance

Once tree roots enter a drain, they’re very hard to remove. Many argue it’s impossible to stop them from returning, unless the section of pipe is repaired or replaced.

So why wait for the problem to come back? Join Francis Plumbing Co's periodical maintenance program and have one of our technicians undertake a scheduled return to your property to identify and resolve problems before more extensive damage occurs.

Give Francis Plumbing Co a call today to put an end to your blocked drain problems for good.